Table 1

Summary of eligibility criteria and lung cancer detection rates for other screening studies3 7 10 11 15–23

StudyRecruitment periodRecruitment criteriaScreening methodsCancer detection rate (%)
 NSLT2002–2004Age 55–74, ≥30 PY, quit<15 years agoAnnual LDCT or CXR for 3 years1.0
 MILD2005–2011Age>49, ≥20 PY, quit<10 years ago, no recent cancer within last 5 yearsThree groups- no screen vs annual LDCT vs biennial LDCT for 5 years0.7
 ITALUNG2004–2006Age 55–69, ≥20 PYAnnual LDCT for 4 years vs no screen1.4
 DANTE2001–2006Age 60–75, ≥20 PY, quit<10 years ago, maleAnnual LDCT for 4 years vs no screen2.2
 DLCST2004–2006Age 50–70, ≥20 PY, quit<10 years ago, FEV1>30%, able to climb two flights of stairs without pausingAnnual LDCT vs usual care for 5 years0.8
 NELSON2003–2006Age 50–75, ≥15 PYAnnual LDCT for 4 years vs no screen0.9
 UKLS2011–2014Age 50–75, ≥5% 5-year lung cancer risk as calculated by LLPv2 scoreWald single LDCT screen vs no screen2.1
 I-ELCAP1993–2006Age>60, ≥10 PYAnnual LDCT+CXR for 5 years1.3
 Mayo LDCT trial1999Age>50, ≥20 PY, quit<10 years agoAnnual LDCT for 5 years1.4
 PANCAN2008–2011Age 50–75, ≥2% 3-year lung cancer risk as calculated by PLCO scoreAnnual LDCT for 3 years5.5 5-year rate
 COSMOS2000–2001Age>50, ≥20 PYAnnual LDCT for 10 years1.2
 LUSI2007–2011Age 50–69, ‘heavy’ smoking historyAnnual LDCT+smoking cessation for 5 years vs smoking cessation alone1.1
  • COSMOS, Continuing Observation of Smoking Subjects; CXR, Chest X-ray; DLCST, Danish Lung Cancer Screening Project; DANTE, Detection and Screening of Early Lung Cancer by Novel Imaging Technology and Molecular Essays; I-ELCAP, International Early Lung Cancer Action Project; LDCT, low radiation dose CT screening; LLP, Liverpool lung project; LUSI, Lung Cancer Screening Intervention Study; MILD, Multi-centric Italian Lung Detection Trial; NLST, National Lung Screening Trial; PY, pack years; PANCAN, Pan-Canadian Early Detection of Lung Cancer Study; PLCO score, Prostate Lung Colorectal and Ovarian study derived scoring algorithm; RCT, Randomised controlled trial; UKLS, UK Lung Cancer Pilot Screening Trial.