Table 1

Results and complications of 489 consecutive outpatient biopsies performed during study period

Number (% of total biopsies)
 Successful early discharge485 (99.1%)
 Early 30 min discharge402 (82.2%)
(all without further incident)
 Diagnostic histology result478 (97.8%)
 Pneumothorax87 (17.8%)
 Pneumothorax—suitable for 60 min discharge without requiring intervention35 (7.2%)
(all without further incident)
 Pneumothorax—treated with HVCD insertion52 (10.6%)
(5/52 intra-biopsy; 36/52 at 30 min; 11/52 at 60 min after mild exertion)
 HVCD drain removal (negative bubble test)38/52 at 24 h; 14/52 at 48 h
0/52> 48 h
 HVCD requiring intra-pleural bupivacaine for chest tube pain management8
(overall 1.6%; 15.4% of those treated with HVCD)
 Pneumothorax—requiring hospital admission0
 Small volume haemoptysis <30 min managed conservatively17 (3.8%)
 Small volume haemoptysis >30 min post biopsy0
 Massive haemoptysis0
Systemic arterial air embolism0
 Biopsy performed with HVCD in situ5 (1.0%)
(5/5 drains removed after negative bubble test at 24 h post biopsy)
 Requiring hospital admission post HVCD insertion4 (0.8%) (for social issues)
 Re-presenting to hospital with pneumothorax after HVCD removal0
  • HVCD, Heimlich valve chest drain.