Table 6

Univariate logistic regression analysis for predictors of 14-day readmission

ORp Value95% CI
MRC dyspnoea grade1.860.090.92 to 3.76
ΔEMGpara%max1.120.0051.03 to 1.21
ΔNRDI1.0030.0141.001 to 1.006
ΔModified Borg scale1.230.100.96 to 1.57
ΔCAT0.990.670.92 to 1.05
ΔRespiratory rate (/min)1.010.870.89 to 1.15
  • Values are expressed as mean (SD) or median (IQR).

  • CAT, COPD Assessment Test; EMGpara%max, 1 min mean magnitude of rectified inspiratory parasternal EMG activity normalised to a maximal manoeuvre; MRC, Medical Research Council; NRDI, Neural Respiratory Drive Index.