Table 4

Results of pulmonary function test of the participants based on the presence of pulmonary cysts.

No pulmonary cysts (N=2277)Pulmonary cysts (N=191)p value*†
FEV1, % of predicted value‡0.98±0.150.99±0.150.2
FVC, % of predicted value‡1.02±0.131.03±0.130.4
FEV1/FVC, % of predicted value‡0.96±0.090.96±0.090.6
DLCO, % of predicted value§0.97±0.16 (N=1895)0.94±0.15 (N=167)0.03
TLC¶, % of predicted value**0.84±0.15 (N=2244)0.83±0.15 (N=184)0.07
  • Plus–minus values are mean±SD.

  • *p values were calculated with the use of mixed effect models to account for familial relationships in the Framingham Heart Study, as described previously.15

  • †All the p values for variables of pulmonary function test were adjusted for age, smoking status (current, former or never) and pack-years.

  • ‡Predicted values for FEV1 and FVC are derived from Hankinson et al.28

  • §Predicted values for DLCO are derived from Miller et al.29

  • ¶Quantitative values for TLC were calculated using Airway Inspector (

  • **Predicted values for TLC are derived from the guidelines of the American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society.30

  • DLCO, diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide.