TableĀ 1

Getting the best out of Twitter

Use your real identityIt is easier to make a useful and authoritative contribution to debate if your identity is not hidden.
Also, anonymity is only relative, so it cannot be relied on.
Be professionalTwitter seems ephemeral, but like anything else on the internet, the best principle is to remember that anyone, including your chief executive and your patients, can read anything that you type forever.
Preserve confidentialityDo not discuss individual patients.
Do not give medical advice to individualsQuestions can be directed to patient organisations, for example, The British Lung Foundation in the UK (@lunguk).
Be kind and treat colleagues and others fairly and with respectThis speaks for itself. If you have to think twice about tweeting something you probably should not.
Irony does not work well on TwitterThe text allowed is short, so sometimes, this sort of nuance gets lost.
Have fun and take it slowlyMost people start slowly to get a feel for how twitter works.