Table 4

Univariate logistic regression analysis for predictors of 28-day readmission

ORp Value95% CI
Age1.090.0021.03 to 1.15
Hospital admission frequency1.350.0131.07 to 1.71
Haemoglobin0.730.0200.56 to 0.95
ΔEMGpara%max1.080.0221.01 to 1.15
ΔNRDI1.0020.0361.000 to 1.005
ΔModified Borg scale1.070.490.88 to 1.29
ΔCAT0.980.820.93 to 1.03
ΔRespiratory rate0.970.500.88 to 1.07
  • CAT, COPD Assessment Test; EMGpara%max, 1 min mean magnitude of rectified inspiratory parasternal EMG activity normalised to a maximal manoeuvre; NRDI, neural respiratory drive index.