Table 1

Comparison of baseline characteristics of participants who had repeat 24 h ABPM studies and follow-up polysomnogram (PSG) (n=269) versus those participants with just one 24 h ABPM study (n=741)

With follow-up ABPM data (n=269)Only one ABPM recording (n=741)
Male, %6259
Age, years, mean (SD)49 (8)50 (8)
Body mass index, kg/m2, mean (SD)29 (5)30 (6)
Race/ethnicity, white, %9794
Current smoker, %1719
Alcohol, number of drinks/week (SD)4 (5)4 (6)
Prevalent hypertension, %3035
Antihypertensive medication users, %1316
Type 2 diabetes, %24
AHI, mean (SD)5 (9)5 (10)
  • ABPM, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring; AHI, apnoea hypopnoea index.