Table 1

Summary of demographic and clinical data for patients (n=77) undergoing ultrasound-guided pneumothorax induction prior to local anaesthetic thoracoscopy

Patient demographics
 Male, n (%)53 (68.8)
 Female, n (%)24 (31.2)
 Years, mean (SD)67.8 (12.4)
Side of procedure
 Right, n (%)41 (53.2)
 Left, n (%)36 (46.8)
Procedural data
Main clinical indication for LAT
 Pleural thickening or nodularity on CT, n (%)48 (62.3)
 Pleural effusion with known malignancy at distal site, n (%)7 (9.1)
 Unexplained cytology negative exudative effusion, n (%)22 (28.6)
Intravenous analgo-sedation
 Midazolam, mg, mean (SD)2.7 (1.2)
 Fentanyl, mcg, mean (SD)52.5 (44.6)
Presence of pleural fluid on TUS
 None visible throughout hemithorax, n (%)22 (28.6)
 None visible in AAL/MAL but seen elsewhere, n (%)24 (31.2)
 <3 cm depth visible in AAL/MAL, n (%)31 (40.3)
Pneumothorax induction
 Successful, able to proceed to LAT, n (%)67 (87.0)
 Unsuccessful, unable to proceed to LAT, n (%)10 (13.0)
Reported macroscopic appearance
 Definitely malignant, n (% of successful LAT)18 (26.9)
 Uncertain, n (% of successful LAT)34 (50.7)
 Definitely benign, n (% of successful LAT)15 (22.4)
Postprocedural care
 Discharged same day, n (% of successful LAT)47 (70.1)
 Admitted to hospital, n (% of successful LAT)20 (29.9)
Histology results
Non-malignant disease
TOTAL, n (% of successful LAT)40 (59.7)
 Chronic pleuritis/fibrosis, non-specific, n (% of successful LAT)39 (58.2)
 Pleural sarcoidosis, n (% of successful LAT)1 (1.5)
Malignant disease
TOTAL, n (% of successful LAT)22 (32.8)
 Mesothelioma, all subtypes, n (% of successful LAT)11 (16.4)
 Metastatic lung cancer, all subtypes, n (% of successful LAT)6 (9.0)
 Other metastatic cancer, all subtypes, n (% of successful LAT)5 (7.5)
Biopsies not taken
TOTAL, n (% of successful LAT)5 (7.5)
  • All percentages expressed as fraction of total number of patients (77) unless otherwise specified.

  • AAL, anterior axillary line; MAL, mid axillary line; LAT, local anaesthetic thoracoscopy.