Table 5

Predictors of the severity of liver histology on univariable and multivariable standard logistic regression analysis in the whole NAFLD population (n=80)

ParameterOR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Predictors of NASH
 SaO2<90% (%TST)2.742.06 to 9.86<0.0011.571.03 to 4.930.039
 Plasma LPS (EU/mL)3.132.10 to 8.96<0.0011.791.05 to 4.480.011
 TLR-4-positive hepatocytes (%)3.262.12 to 6.24<0.0011.631.06 to 3.120.018
 TLR-4-positive Kupffer cells (n)3.242.22 to 9.44<0.0011.851.11 to 4.720.009
 BMI z-score2.761.28 to 7.860.008
 Plasma adiponectin (ng/mL)0.320.22 to 0.790.010
 L/M ratio2.101.12 to 6.390.010
 ETpCO2 (mm Hg)2.161.34 to 9.810.011
 Hepatocyte cell-cycle arrest index (%)2.561.64 to 9.410.009
 Hepatocyte apoptotic index (%)2.821.51 to 10.160.006
 Adiponectin-positive HPCs (%)0.431.18 to 8.130.021
Predictors of portal fibrosis
 Plasma LPS (EU/mL)2.612.01 to 7.12<0.0011.491.05 to 4.890.029
 TLR-4-positive HSCs (n)3.202.20 to 6.11<0.0011.831.12 to 3.050.015
 Adiponectin-positive HPCs (n)0.410.22 to 0.73<0.0010.880.81 to 0.980.041
 BMI z-score2.061.63 to 12.830.001
 SaO2<90% (%TST)2.121.64 to 5.930.002
 Hepatic TLR-4-positive Kupffer cells (n)2.081.29 to 7.120.012
 HPCs (n)2.821.17 to 11.520.029
  NAS1.921.11 to 6.490.036
Predictors of significant (stage≥2) fibrosis
 SaO2<90% (%TST)2.822.12 to 6.73<0.0011.611.04 to 3.800.041
 Plasma LPS (EU/mL)6.023.11 to 9.48<0.0013.231.52 to 8.580.011
 TLR-4-positive HSCs (n)5.652.94 to 9.93<0.0013.801.49 to 5.320.005
 BMI z-score2.131.19 to 8.930.012
 Hepatic TLR-4-positive Kupffer cells (n)2.421.39 to 5.980.010
 HPCs (n)2.891.38 to 6.930.009
 Adiponectin-positive HPCs (n)0.730.46 to 0.910.034
 NAFLD activity score (NAS)2.981.26 to 8.940.018
  • The presence of NASH, of portal and of significant (stage F≥2) fibrosis were entered as dichotomous outcome variables (present/absent) into a multivariate logistic regression model.

  • AHI, apnoea/hypopnoea index; BMI, body mass index; ETpCO2, mean end-tidal pCO2; HPC, hepatic progenitor cell; HSC, hepatic stellate cell; L/M ratio, lactulose/mannitol ratio; LPS, lipopolysaccharide; NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; NAS, NAFLD activity score; NASH, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis; ODI, oxygen desaturation index; SaO2 <90%, total duration of haemoglobin desaturation, expressed as %TST; TLR-4, toll-like receptor-4.