Table 2

Comparison of non-invasive ventilator set-up by disease group

Ventilator parametersCOPDNMD-CWDORRFp Value
IPAP (cmH2O)18 (18–25)15 (14–21)20 (18–28)0.1
EPAP (cmH2O)4 (3–7)3 (3–4)9 (8–12)<0.001*
Backup rate (breaths/min)14 (11–14)14 (14–14)14 (13–16)0.3
% Pressure support breaths60±2534±2436±560.06
% Pressure control breaths25±3047±2451±310.09
% Ineffective efforts15±1119±1313±100.4
% Total patient ventilator asynchrony43±2929±1924±170.3
  • *A Kruskal-Wallis test was used to compare the ventilator parameters between disease groups, p value <0.05 was taken to represent statistical significance.

  • All results expressed as median and IQR.

  • Pressure support breaths and pressure control breaths represent the ventilator delivered breaths, ineffective efforts represent the patient demanded breaths that were not met, combined they represent all breaths (requested and delivered).

  • EPAP, expiratory positive airway pressure; IPAP, inspiratory positive airway pressure; NMD-CWD, neuromuscular disease with or without chest wall disease; ORRF, obesity related respiratory failure.