Table 1

Individual trial patient characteristics and results

Author, yearLanguageSample size (n)Sample size Surg (n)Sample size RadioRx (n)Number undergoing surgical resectionMen SurgWomen SurgMen RadioRxWomen RadioRxMedian age (years)Median age Surg (years)Median age RadioRx (years)Median follow-upMedian overall survival (months)Median survival Surg (months) (CI)Median survival RadioRx (months) (CI)Downs and Black Score
Shepherd et al. 199810English31161510124105ND6152NDNR18.7 (12.8–32)16.2 (10.7–32.3)19
Johnstone et al 200211English612932261811257NDNRNRNDNR19.3817.3818
Stephens et al 200512English4824244177159ND5861NDNR11.213.824
Van Meerbeeck et al 200713English332167165154119481273861 (29–78)61 (29–78)62 (33–76)ND15.416.417.525
Albain et al 200914English396202194155131711217360 (31–78)59 (31–77)61 (32–78)22.5 (0.9–125.1)NR23.622.225
Sorensen et al 2013 (abstract)15English341170171132NRNRNRNR61 (33–76)NRNRNRNR17.015.0ND
  • ND, not discernable from the manuscript; RadioRx, radiotherapy; Surg, surgery.