Table 2

Handling of lung biopsy specimens

Type of processingTissue material usedProcessing procedurePurpose
1Majority of the sample (about 80%)4% FormalinFor wax blocks and staining studies and storage
2Several 1–2 mm cuboidal piecesGlutaraldehyde-bufferElectron microscopy, esp Sp mutations
310 to 20% of tissueSnap frozen in liquid nitrogen, place in −80 freezerGenetic, biochemical studies, conserve RNA and proteins
RNAlater solutionSame as snap frozen, except enzyme activity studies; however, more convenient as can be shipped at room temperature
4Fresh tissue (can be the remnant on the proximal side of the staple line)NoneMicrobiology
  • Clearly all necessary clinical samples need to be taken before any is allocated for research.