Table 12

Two ordinal scales with definitions for reporting fluorodeoxyglucose uptake

ScaleVansteenkiste et al145Fletcher et al135
1AbsentBenign—no uptake, same as reference lung tissue (SUV 0.6–0.8)
2Less than mediastinal blood pool (MBP)Probably benign—uptake greater than reference lung tissue but less than MBP (SUV greater than 0.6–0.8 but less than 1.5–2.0)
3Comparable with MBPIndeterminate—2–3 times greater than reference lung but less than MBP (SUV 1.5–2.0 but less than 2.5)
4Greater than MBPProbably malignant—greater than MBP (where MBP corresponds to 2.5)
5Much greater than MBPDefinitely malignant—much greater than MBP (substantially greater than 2.5)
  • SUV, standardised uptake value.