Table 8

Reported growth rates of pulmonary nodules subsequently diagnosed as lung cancer cases on previous surveillance CT

AuthorsNumber of subjectsStudy setting/patient populationMethod of growth rate assessmentVDT and comments
Hasegawa et al8861Retrospective case series of lung cancers detected through CT screening2D Calliper measurementOverall mean 452 days (SD 381 days, range
52–1733 days)
pGGN mean±SD 813±375 days (n=19),
PSN mean 457±260 days (n=19)
Solid mean 149±125 days (n=223) (p<0.05)
Winer-Muram et al8750Retrospective case series of lung cancer cases detected in routine clinical practice with at least 2 evaluable chest CT scans before resection (>25 days apart)2D Calliper measurements and manual 2D volume measurementsOverall median 147 days for 2D diameter
174 Days for elliptical volume method
181 Days for perimeter volume method
Jennings et al86149Retrospective case series of patients with resected stage I lung cancer detected in routine clinical practiceManual 2D volume measurementMedian 207 days (mean=161 days, SD 117 days)
21 of 149 tumours reduced in size between
Henschke et al89111Retrospective case series of 110 interval lung cancers detected through CT screening and 1 symptom-detected cancer between screens2D Calliper measurementOverall median 98 days (mean 136 days)
Malignant solid nodules all VDT<400 days
Wilson et al9063Retrospective case series of lung cancers detected through CT screeningAutomated 3D volumetryOverall median 357 days (IQR 236–630)
  • pGGN, pure ground-glass nodule; PSN, part-solid nodule; VDT, volume doubling time.