TableĀ 15

Case series reporting localisation techniques for surgical resection of pulmonary nodules

AuthorsLocalisation techniquePatient populationEfficacyComplications
Dendo et al240CT-guided hookwire150 Patients undergoing VATS resection of 168 nodules97.6% Hookwire placed successfully32.1% Pneumothorax (chest tube in 1.2%)
14.9% Pulmonary haemorrhage
Ciriaco et al241CT-guided hookwire53 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resection92.5% Hookwire remained in situ facilitating VATS in 58%.7.5% Pneumothorax
Saito et al242CT-guided hookwire61 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resection85% Hookwire facilitated VATSNone reported
Miyoshi et al243CT-guided hookwire108 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resection93.6% Successful resection
4% Nodule not in resection specimen, 2.4% Hookwire left in situ
3.7% of patients, chest drain for pneumothorax
Yoshida et al244CT-guided hookwire57 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resectionOne hookwire dislodged by time of surgery. Successful surgery for all cases49.1% Pneumothorax (no chest drain)
29.8% Pulmonary haemorrhage
7% Pain
Koyama et al246CT-guided point marker system52 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resectionSuccessful placement in 98% cases (one dislodged) and resection19% Asymptomatic pneumothorax
10% Pulmonary haemorrhage
Mayo et al245CT-guided microcoil wire69 Patients undergoing VATS resection of 75 nodulesSuccessful placement in all cases, but dislodged in 3%. 97% of nodules removed3% Pneumothorax requiring drain
1% Asymptomatic haemothorax
Watanabe et al247Lipiodol marking150 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resectionAll nodules successfully resected11% Pain requiring analgesia
17% Pneumothorax (6% drain)
0.6% Haemopneumothorax (emergency operation)
Kawanaka et al248Lipiodol marking65 Patients undergoing VATS resection of 107 nodulesAll nodules successfully marked and resected31% Pneumothorax (5% drain)
15% Pulmonary haemorrhage
Kim et al249Lipiodol marking67 patients undergoing VATS resection of 68 nodulesMarking successful in 98%29% Pneumothorax
7% Pulmonary haemorrhage
Vandoni et al250Methylene blue marking51 Patients undergoing VATS resection of 54 nodulesSuccessful thoracoscopic resection in 91% of patients25.4% Pneumothorax (no drain)
Grogan et al255Radiotracer injection81 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resectionSuccessful localisation and excision in 95.1% of cases10% Pneumothorax with drain
Ambrogi et al252Radiotracer injection211 Patients undergoing VATS nodule resectionSuccessful localisation and resection in 99% of cases10.4% Pneumothorax no drain
Mattioli et al253Transthoracic ultrasound54 Patients undergoing VATS resection of 65 nodulesSuccessful identification of 15/16 non-visible or palpable nodules (94%)None
Gonfiotti et al254Hookwire vs radiotracer50 Patients randomised to each procedure for VATS resectionSuccessful localisation:
84% hookwire
96% for radiotracer (not significant)
24% Pneumothorax no drain hookwire
4% Pneumothorax radiotracer.
4% (n=1) Hookwire displacement
  • VATS, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery.