Table 17

Selected technical factors affecting pulmonary nodule measurement

Study author and yearTechnical factorEffect on nodule measurement
Honda et al (2007)338
Nietert et al (2009)339
Petrou et al (2007)340
Sinsuat et al (2011)325
Goo et al (2015)337
Section thicknessThin section (0.625, 1.25 mm) more reproducible than 2.5 mm and 5 mm
Radiologists more likely to miss nodules <5 mm on 10 mm sections than 2 mm
Honda et al (2007)338Reconstruction algorithmHigh spatial frequency algorithm and bone algorithm increased volume
Honda et al (2007)338Overlapping reconstructionNon-overlapping increased measured volume
Petkovska et al (2007)341Lung volumeNodule diameter and volume varied non-uniformly (some increased and some decreased with increasing lung volume from RV to TLC)
Honda et al (2007)342Intravenous contrastMinimal increase in measured volume after contrast
  • RV, residual volume; TLC, total lung capacity.