Table 1

Definition and terms relating to pulmonary nodules (see also figures 5 and 6)

Pulmonary noduleFocal, rounded opacity ≤3 cm diameter, mostly surrounded by aerated lung, including contact with pleura, but without potentially related abnormalities in the thorax
 Sub-solid nodule (SSN)A part-solid or pGGN
  Part-solid nodule (PSN) (b)A focal opacity that has both solid and ground-glass component ≤3 cm diameter
  pGGN (c) (synonymous with non-solid nodule)A focal ground-glass opacity ≤3 cm diameter that does not obscure vascular pattern
Solid componentThe part of a nodule that obscures the underlying bronchovascular structure
Ground glassOpacification that is greater than that of the background but through which the underlying vascular structure is visible
  • pGGN, pure ground-glass nodule.