GDG memberContributionRepresenting
D R Baldwin
Consultant respiratory physician, Nottingham
Co-chair, editing, sub-solid section, information section, definitions, summary conclusion, service organisation and algorithmsBTS
M E J Callister
Consultant respiratory physician, Leeds
Co-chair, editing, observation, surgery, non-surgical treatment sections and algorithmsBTS
A R Akram
Respiratory specialty trainee, Edinburgh
Further imaging sectionBTS
S Barnard
Consultant thoracic surgeon, Newcastle
Surgery sectionBTS
P Cane
Consultant pathologist, London
Non-surgical biopsy and biomarker sections
J Draffan
Respiratory nurse specialist, Darlington
Information sectionNLCFN
K Franks
Consultant clinical oncologist, Leeds
Non-surgical treatments section
F Gleeson
Consultant radiologist, Oxford
Technical radiology sectionRCR
R Graham
Consultant radiologist, Bath
Further imaging sectionBNMS
P Malhotra
Respiratory specialty trainee, Prescott
Route of presentation and initial assessment sectionsBTS
M Prokop
Consultant radiologist, Nijmegen
Technical radiology section
K A Rodger
Consultant respiratory physician, Leeds
Non-surgical biopsy and biomarker sectionsBTS
M Subesinghe
Consultant radiologist, Oxford
Further imaging section
D Waller
Consultant thoracic surgeon, Leicester
Surgery sectionSCTS
I Woolhouse
Consultant respiratory physician, Birmingham
Route of presentation and initial assessment sectionsRCP London
Ms A BiagioliPatient representative
Ms C PatersonPatient representative