Table 1

Basic baseline demographic data, comorbidities and ICU data (where applicable) for patients with ICUAW and controls

Controls (n=7)Patients (n=20)p Value (MW/χ2)
 Age (years)69 (63–74)64 (51–78)0.39
 Sex (m/f)7/015/50.14
 BMI (baseline) (kg/m2)24 (22–29)27.8 (26.0–30.8)0.21
 MLT* (cm)2.9 (2.0–3.3)1.7 (1.4–2.5)0.08
Comorbidities (n)
 IHD4 of 78 of 200.42
 Other cardiac disease6 of 76 of 200.01
 Respiratory0 of 76 of 200.10
 COPD0 of 72 of 20
 Diabetes1 of 74 of 200.73
 Statin use4 of 76 of 200.20
Type on cardiac surgery (n)
 Valve surgery2
Reason for ICU admission (n)
 Postcardiac surgery8
  Other respiratory2
ICU data
 MRC score at diagnosis†36 (34–40)
 Day on ICU of biopsy (days)20 (15–29)
 SOFA score at time of biopsy11 (8–14)
 Total ICU LOS (days)42 (23–51)
 Awake at biopsy (n)6
 Fed at time of biopsy6
 NMB (n)11
 Corticosteroids (n)12
 Sepsis (n)20
 Mean CRP (mg/L)‡136 (103–194)
 Mean pO2 (kPa)‡12.68 (12.12–14.41)
 Mean CO2 (kPa)‡5.7 (5.31–6.09)
 Mean pH‡7.41 (7.40–7.44)
 Mean blood glucose (mg/dL)‡7.6 (7.1–8.0)
 Mean cumulative insulin dose (Units)‡456 (345–894)
 Died (1-year mortality)8
  • Data presented as median (IQR) or number (n).

  • *n=5 for controls and n=13 for patients.

  • †n=8 (six on the day of biopsy, two in the preceding 48 h).

  • ‡During ICU stay up to the point of biopsy.

  • ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; BMI, body mass index; CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; CRP, C-reactive protein; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; ICU, intensive care unit; ICUAW, intensive care unit-acquired weakness; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; LOS, length of stay; MLT, muscle layer thickness; MRC, Medical Research Council; NMB, neuromuscular blockers; SOFA, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment.