Table 13

Case series of CT-guided biopsy of pulmonary nodules

Total no casesFollow-up data availableUseful sample obtainedTrue +veTrue −veFalse +veFalse −veSensi-tivity (%)Speci-ficity (%)Negative LR
Baldwin et al1891141149871231396960.042
Gupta et al190176176143*1043405951000.046
Hayashi et al191525250341501971000.029
Jin et al192716161352501971000.028
Ohno et al19339639639626680203090720.141
Romano et al19422918418411356015881000.117
Santambrogio et al195220220207130681894990.059
Tsukada et al196138†138138704432177940.245
Wagnetz et al1971081041047916‡09901000.102
Westcott et al198646464402103931000.070
Total156815091445942382259691940.10 (95% CI 0.08 to 0.12)
  • *155 cases reported in paper, but data only presented for 143 cases.

  • †Includes results from repeat biopsies of same nodules.

  • ‡Calculated from information provided in text.

  • LR, likelihood ratio.