Table 3

Within-trial treatment and follow-up costs in the European context (average cost per randomised patient)

Primary care (n=101)(€)Sleep unit
Difference (€)ICER (QUALYs)
Training cost12.67012.67
Physician/nurse visits73.81279.82−206.01
Telephone consultations1.212.26−1.04
CPAP treatment54.9460.45−5.51
Patient travel costs1.7213.98−12.26
Total cost per patient144.37356.50−212.1325434.91
  • Costs based on the Catalan Institute of Health (CVE-DOGC-A-13051031-2013)(€2013).(see online supplementary eReferences 1).

  • ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; QUALYs, quality-adjusted life-years.