Table 4

Efficacy results at 6 and 12 months

6 Months6 Months12 Months
Overall group
12-month follow-up group
12-month follow-up group
FEV1, L+0.11±0.20 (n=54, p<0.001)+0.12±0.28 (n=33, p=0.021)+0.11±0.30 (n=34, p=0.037)
FEV1, % pred (% change)+15.36±26.68 (n=54, p<0.001)+17.81±31.71 (n=33, p=0.003)+16.04±35.54 (n=34, p=0.017)
FVC, L+0.20±0.53 (n=54, p=0.008)+0.33±0.57 (n=33, p=0.002)+0.28±0.45 (n=34, p=0.001)
RV, L−0.65±0.90 (n=58, p<0.001)−0.80±1.03 (n=34, p<0.001)−0.71±0.81 (n=34, p<0.001)
RV, % pred (% change)−11.31±15.25 (n=58, p<0.001)−14.38±15.42 (n=34, p<0.001)−13.75±12.65 (n=34, p<0.001)
RV/TLC−4.51±12.19 (n=58, p=0.007)−6.06±8.58 (n=34, p<0.001)−3.12±15.59 (n=34, p=0.245)
6MWD, m+29.7±74.1 (n=56, p=0.004)+42.4±73.5 (n=34, p=0.002)+51.4±76.1 (n=32, p=0.003)
SGRQ, points−12.1±12.9 (n=56, p<0.001)−10.4±15.8 (n=33, p<0.001)−11.1±13.3 (n=32, p<0.001)
mMRC, points−0.6±1.2 (n=58, p<0.001)0.8±0.9 (n=34, p<0.001)−0.7±0.8 (n=34, p<0.001)
  • Efficacy at 6 months for all LVR coil treatments (n=58, overall group) and at 6 and 12 months (n=34, 12-month follow-up group columns). Results are given as change from baseline. Data are shown as mean±SD.

  • Data in parentheses are the numbers of actual measurements available per variable tested followed by the actual p value.

  • 6MWD, 6-min walking distance; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; mMRC, modified Medical Research Council dyspnoea score; RV, residual volume; SGRQ, St George's Respiratory Questionnaire total score; TLC, total lung capacity.