Table 6

Test–retest reliability: intraclass correlation coefficients between screening (day 14) and baseline (day 0) for QOL-B scores

AIR-BX1 (N=266)AIR-BX2 (N=274)
QOL-B V.3.0 scalen*Intraclass correlation coefficientn*Intraclass correlation coefficient
Respiratory Symptoms2660.852680.82
Physical Functioning2660.842730.86
Role Functioning2650.872700.86
Health Perceptions2660.792720.74
Emotional Functioning2660.792730.80
Social Functioning2660.772700.84
Treatment Burden†2220.782200.74
  • *Intraclass correlation coefficients were determined from screening and baseline measurements, both of which occurred before AZLI/placebo treatments. Analyses included patients for whom the specified QOL-B scale measurements were available at both screening and baseline.

  • †Patients who were not receiving treatment for bronchiectasis were instructed to skip the Treatment Burden scale.

  • QOL-B, Quality of Life-Bronchiectasis.