Table 1

Clinical and demographic features of patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in the prognostic cohort (N=80)

VariableMean (SD) unless otherwise specified
Sex (M:F)63:17
Age at initial visit, median (range)70 (50–87)
Subsequent lung transplant (Y:N)7:63
Ever smoker (Y:N)58:16
Current smoker (Y:N)1:73
Systemic steroid±azathioprine (Y:N)21:59
FVC % predicted (N=79)70.3 (15.8)
DLCO % predicted (N=69)49.6 (19.0)
Dyspnoea score* (N=74)9.7 (6.2)
HRCT fibrosis score† (N=35)15.3 (10.9)
Serum MMP3 level (ng/mL), median (IQR) (N=78)22.0 (15.6–41.9)
Serum CXCL13 level, median (IQR) (pg/mL)80 (55–136)
Survival after initial visit (years), median (IQR)‡2.77 (1.43–5.36)
  • Clinical data are as of the time of initial presentation to the UCSF ILD clinic, when blood samples were collected.

  • In cases where data were not available for all 80 patients, number of patients with data are indicated (N).

  • *Dyspnoea score is on a scale of 1–20 as per Watters et al.37

  • †HRCT fibrosis score estimates % of lung that is fibrotic as per Best et al38

  • ‡Censored as of date of analysis for surviving patients. HRCT, high-resolution computed tomography.