Table 1

The proportional breakdown of non-small cell lung cancer patients hospitalised within 12 months of diagnosis by distance from the NASH by their hospital of treatment and whether they had major surgery by stage category, New South Wales, 2000–2008

Distance from the NASH by stage at diagnosisHospital of treatmentHad surgical resection
Localised stage
 0–39 km175785.230614.82063122569.76320.61288
 40–99 km26363.215336.841624191.6138.5254
Regional stage
 0–39 km124484.722415.3146883667.24620.5882
 40–99 km20864.011736.032519191.854.3196
Distant stage
 0–39 km153970.564429.5218316610.871.1173
 40–99 km8519.535180.54362428.20024