Table 4

Affinity of p26, 18 and 23 binding to HLA-DR and HLA-DQ molecules

  • Results are expressed as a relative binding ratio obtained by dividing the IC50 of allergen peptide by that of a reference peptide that binds strongly to the HLA molecule. Lower numbers correspond to a higher binding affinity. Numbers in bold (ratio of 20 or less) = high affinity binding; numbers in italic (ratio 20–100) = moderate binding affinity. Each peptide—major histocompatibility complex combination was evaluated in two independent experiments. Percentages are the frequency of the HLA-DR or HLA-DQ alleles in a Caucasian population calculated from allele frequency net ( a database and online repository for immune gene frequencies in worldwide populations.

  • HLA, human leukocyte antigen; nd, not done.