Table 3

Thrombocytosis and outcomes: logistic regression analyses

PredictorOR95% CIp Value
Total mortality
 Platelet count >400×109 cells/mm31.531.03 to 2.290.030
 Age1.021.01 to 1.040.0007
 Congestive cardiac failure1.521.11 to 2.100.009
 Neoplastic disease2.651.78 to 3.96<0.0001
 MRC dyspnoea score1.811.54 to 2.13<0.0001
 Long term oxygen therapy1.661.09 to 2.550.021
 Acidosis during exacerbation2.151.53 to 3.03<0.0001
 Antiplatelet therapy0.600.43 to 0.830.002
Hosner–Lemeshow goodness of fit test p=0.676
 Inhospital mortality
 Platelet count >400×109 cells/mm32.371.29 to 4.340.005
 Age1.031.01 to 1.060.030
 Congestive cardiac failure1.751.06 to 2.910.034
 Neoplastic disease1.791.00 to 3.240.048
 Acidosis5.243.16 to 8.68<0.0001
Hosner–Lemeshow goodness of fit test, p=0.960
1.821.37 to 2.43<0.0001
Mortality after discharge
 Platelet count >400×109 cells/mm31.300.82 to 2.060.261
 Age1.021.00 to 1.030.024
 Congestive cardiac failure1.601.06 to 2.390.022
 Neoplastic disease2.481.60 to 3.82<0.0001
 MRC dyspnoea score2.061.73 to 2.46<0.0001
 Long term oxygen therapy1.641.04 to 2.600.030
 Antiplatelet therapy0.590.43 to 0.810.001
 Resident in long term care facility2.211.17 to 4.190.015
 Hosner–Lemeshow goodness of fit test p=0.502
  • Logistic regression models investigating the impact of thrombocytosis on outcomes after exacerbation of COPD.

  • MRC, Medical Research Council.