Table 1

Demographic data for the connective tissue disease related fibrotic lung disease (CTD-FLD) cohort (n=168), HRCT and selected pulmonary indices at time of CT

Variable (n=168)Value
Age at the time of the scan; years±SD53.9±10.9
Gender; male/female65/103
Follow-up; months±SD,64.3±31.8
Current smoker; n(%)6 (3.5)
Ex-smoker; n(%)60 (35.7)
Never smoker; n(%)102 (60.7)
PA on RHC*; n(%)20 (11.9)
Total interstitial disease extent; mean±SD,28.5±19.6
Ground glass opacification; mean±SD9.4±12.7
Reticulation; mean±SD15.6±14.6
Honeycombing; mean±SD2.1±2.2
Consolidation; mean±SD1.3±4.8
Traction bronchiectasis; mean±SD4.5±4.5
Radiological diagnosis; UIP/fibrotic NSIP/indeterminate)15/144/9
FEV1; % predicted58.8±12.3
FVC; % predicted72.6±22.7
DLco; % predicted44.9±17.27
  • *PA on RHC=pulmonary arterial hypertension diagnosed at right heart catheterisation. Total interstitial disease extent=sum of each of the individual HRCT patterns, except traction bronchiectasis, which was scored based upon severity within each interstitial pattern and summated (see online supplementary appendix).

  • CTD-FLD, connective tissue disease related fibrotic lung disease; NSIP, non-specific interstitial pneumonia; UIP, usual interstitial pneumonia.