Table 6

Spearman correlation among changes in LT-VLA and changes in other measures from before transplant to 3 months after transplant†

FVC % predicted6MWDSF-12 Physical Function
Mean difficulty−0.10−0.30*−0.33**
% activities affected−0.22−0.44**−0.54***
% activities unable0.07−0.07−0.03
SF-12 Physical Function−0.010.39**
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.0001.

  • †Includes only patients who completed 3-month follow-up, n=84.

  • FVC% predicted, forced vital capacity % predicted; 6MWD, 6 minute walk distance; LT-VLA, lung transplant Valued Life Activities disability scale; SF-12 Physical Function, Medical Outcomes Survey Short Form-12 Physical Function subscale.