TableĀ 2

Clinical, laboratory and echo parameters predicting 30-day PE-related mortality in normotensive patients (adapted from Jimenez et al11)

PPV (%)
Trop and RVD15.2
Trop and DVT17.1
RVD and DVT19.6
Trop, RVD and DVT20.8
High-risk PESI, Trop and RVD20.7
High-risk PESI, Trop and DVT24.4
High-risk PESI, RVD and DVT25.0
  • DVT, deep venous thrombosis on compression ultrasound; PESI, PE severity index; PPV, positive predictive value; RVD, right ventricular dysfunction on echocardiography; Trop, elevated troponin I.