Table 4

Clinical outcomes for rhinovirus-positive visits in comparison with visits positive for other viruses

Binary outcomesRhinovirusOther viruses combinedOR95% CIp Value
PEx (%)48.647.81.100.60 to 2.060.740
Prescription of any ABx (%)59.465.20.920.46 to 1.830.808
Prescription of IV ABx (%) to 0.800.011
Continuous outcomes*RhinovirusOther viruses combinedAdjusted mean difference95% CIp Value
URTI score7.9 (6.6)6.9 (5.6)+0.96−0.96 to +2.890.328
PEx score3.6 (2.4)3.6 (2.4)+0.06−0.69 to +0.800.884
Acute fall in FEV1%13.5 (10.7)16.9 (11.8)−2.09−5.5 to +1.40.234
log CRP (mg/l)†2.20 (1.4)2.21 (1.3)+0.03−0.32 to +0.380.866
White cell count (×109)10.6 (3.9)10.3 (3.1)−0.19−0.99 to +0.610.637
  • Analysis used generalised estimating equation models with logistic regression for binary outcomes and linear regression for continuous variables. Non-rhinovirus viral respiratory infection was the comparator variable in each analysis.

  • *Continuous variables are reported as mean (SD).

  • †CRP values were log-transformed to correct for non-normal distribution.

  • ABx, antibiotics; CRP, C-reactive protein; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; PEx, pulmonary exacerbation; URTI, upper respiratory tract infection.