Table 2

Usual source* of cigarettes among regular smokers by free school meal status

20062008p Value20062008p Value
Bought from
 Vending machine14.6%13.7%0.8517.5%11.6%0.02
 Friends and relatives36.5%41.2%0.4629.1%36.8%0.02
 Someone else25.5%35.3%0.1019.8%33.7%<0.01
Given by
Ease of purchase from shop
 Difficult to buy cigarettes from shop25.2%33.3%0.2121.2%36.9%<0.01
 Bought cigarettes at shop at last attempt82.0%77.4%0.4884.8%71.6%<0.01
  • χ2 test used to test whether percentage differences were statistically significant.

  • * Students were able to select more than one usual source.

  • FSM, pupils eligible for free school meals.