Table 3

Multivariate analysis for calcium score and coronary artery calcium score percentile (CACSP) based on age, gender and ethnicity

Agatston scoreCACSP based on age, gender and ethnicity
ParameterEffect estimate* (SE)p ValueModel R2Effect Estimate* (SE)p ValueModel R2
Age (per 10 years)4.67 (1.18)<0.0010.2420.88 (1.02)<0.0010.153
Women0.51 (1.27)0.0051.20 (1.03)<0.001
Pack-years (per 20 years)1.22 (1.09)0.0260.99 (1.01)0.320
FEV1% predicted (post bronchodilator) (per 10%)0.85 (1.08)0.0291.01 (1.01)0.590
CVD2.37 (1.25)<0.0011.06 (1.03)0.046
6MWD (per 100 m)1.00 (1.10)0.9900.97 (1.01)0.017
IL-6 (per 1 SD)0.99 (1.11)0.9531.02 (1.02)0.221
Clara cell protein (per 1 SD)1.01 (1.12)0.9511.02 (1.02)0.132
Surfactant protein D (per 1 SD)1.15 (1.12)0.1991.02 (1.02)0.177
  • *The effect estimate represents the change in score per 1 unit change in the parameter after adjusting for all other terms in the model. Note: the dependent variables (Agatston score and CACSP) were log transformed in this multiple regression model and the exponentiated values of the coefficients and SEs are provided here. For example, a coefficient of 2.37 for CVD corresponds to a 137% higher Agatston score for those with CVD compared with those without, when all other predictors are held fixed.

  • 6MWD, 6 min walking distance; CVD, cardiovascular disease; IL-6, interleukin 6.