Table 1

Characteristics of 1811 CHS participants with lung function testing

N (total=1811)%*
 Don't know23913.2
Hispanic ethnicity
 Don't know925.1
 Not Hispanic69138.2
Socioeconomic status
 Household income
  <$30 00040227.1
  ≥$30 000108473.0
 Parental education
  Did not finish high school34520.6
  High school diploma or some college85451.0
  College diploma or greater47728.5
 Health insurance covers child150889.3
Home characteristics/potential exposures
 Gas stove146286.5
 Mould in past 12 months17210.5
 Secondhand smoke exposure673.8
 In utero exposure to maternal smoking995.8
Health conditions
 Acute respiratory illness1649.4
 Medical diagnosis of asthma33419.5
  • *Due to missing values, denominators (n) for each percentage may differ.

  • CHS, Children's Health Study.