Table 1

Demographic, clinical and microbiological characteristics of the study subjects at time of initial cough aerosol experiment, according to type of subject*

CharacteristicSubjects with cystic fibrosis (N=19)Healthy control subjects (N=10)p Value
Male sex—no. (%)10 (52.6)4 (40.0)0.52
Weight (kg)63.0±11.774.5±16.10.04
Height (cm)169.6±6.7173.3±1.90.30
Body mass index21.8±3.124.6±2.90.03
 Value (L)2.03±0.703.80±0.80<0.001
 Percent of predicted value53.9±19.096.1±11.5<0.001
 Value (L)3.23±0.694.68±0.98<0.001
 Percent of predicted value72.9±15.9100.2±9.2<0.001
 Value (cmH2O)105.78±27.3895.12±19.130.38
 Percent of predicted value116.7±30.6108.4±18.10.53
 Value (cmH2O)126.23±31.67130.15±28.910.79
 Percent of predicted value108.5±24.0112.7±23.30.72
Number of coughs per minute26.9±18.537.8±23.50.18
Infection − no. (%)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa19 (100.0)
 Mucoid P aeruginosa15 (78.9)
 Non-mucoid P aeruginosa18 (94.7)
Staphylococcus aureus5 (26.3)
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia2 (10.5)
Trichosporon/Arxula spp.3 (15.8)
Aspergillus spp.3 (15.8)
Scedosporium spp.2 (10.5)
Candida spp.1 (5.7)
Sputum P aeruginosa concentration−colony-forming units per mL‡1.37×108 (2.16×107–1.06×109)
  • *Values are means±SD unless otherwise indicated.

  • †Maximal static inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures (MIPS and MEPS) were calculated for only 12/19 test subjects and 7/10 control subjects.

  • ‡Data are presented as median values (IQR). Only 18/19 test subjects were able to expectorate sputum on the initial experimental day.