Table 4

Antiplatelet therapy and outcomes: logistic regression analyses

PredictorOR95% CIp Value
Total mortality
 Antiplatelet therapy0.630.47 to 0.850.003
 Age1.021.00 to 1.030.032
 Neoplastic disease2.441.63 to 3.67<0.0001
 MRC dyspnoea score1.831.56 to 2.16<0.0001
 Long term oxygen therapy1.701.10 to 2.620.016
 Residence in long term care facility2.541.42 to 4.540.002
 Acidosis1.931.36 to 2.740.0002
Hosner–Lemeshow goodness of fit test p=0.687
Inhospital mortality
 Antiplatelet therapy0.690.41 to 1.110.124
 Age1.031.00 to 1.050.046
 Neoplastic disease1.911.06 to 3.450.030
 Acidosis5.193.14 to 8.58<0.0001
 BAP-651.821.37 to 2.42<0.0001
Hosner–Lemeshow goodness of fit test p=0.957
 Mortality after discharge
 Antiplatelet therapy0.620.46 to 0.850.003
 Age1.021.01 to 1.030.014
 Neoplastic disease2.301.47 to 3.590.0003
 MRC dyspnoea score1.991.66 to 2.38<0.0001
 Long term oxygen therapy1.731.08 to 2.760.022
 Residence in long term care facility2.161.14 to 4.090.018
Hosner–Lemeshow goodness of fit test p=0.600
  • MRC, Medical Research Council.