Table 2

Cox proportional hazards analysis of time to first severe asthma exacerbation, intent-to-treat population

FF 100 μg (N=1010)FF/VI 100/25 μg (N=1009)
Adjusted % probability of a severe asthma exacerbation by 52 weeks*15.9 (13.5 to 18.2)12.8 (10.7 to 14.9)
FF/VI 100/25 μg vs FF 100 μg
 HR†0.795 (0.642 to 0.985)
 p Value†0.036
  • Values are mean (95% CI) unless otherwise stated.

  • *Cox proportional hazards model estimate at mean baseline FEV1, age and proportional coefficients for sex and region.

  • †Adjusted for the interim analysis.

  • FF, fluticasone furoate; HR, hazard ratio; VI, vilanterol.