Table 3

Measures of asthma control

Regular placebo once daily+budesonide/formoterol as needed
Regular placebo once daily+terbutaline as needed
Regular budesonide once daily+terbutaline as needed
 After 6 weeks0.75±0.580.93±0.740.66±0.61
Symptoms associated with exercise
 Asthma symptoms (%)*49.8±26.150.9±36.951.1±30.5
 Cough (0–4)0.31±0.240.26±0.310.22±0.25
 Wheeze (0–4)0.29±0.350.31±0.560.20±0.26
 Shortness of breath (0–4)0.42±0.480.63±0.770.37±0.47
 Mucus (0–4)0.33±0.280.52±0.660.59±0.78
 Breathlessness (0–4)0.69±0.620.95±1.030.82±0.75
Symptoms not associated with exercise
 Asthma symptoms (%)*0.69±0.620.95±1.030.82±0.75
 Cough (0–4)0.13±0.300.22±0.390.08±0.16
 Wheeze (0–4)0.06±0.140.07±0.220.02±0.06
 Shortness of breath (0–4)0.06±0.150.12±0.240.03±0.05
 Mucus (0–4)0.08±0.230.14±0.270.11±0.29
 Breathlessness (0–4)0.07±0.150.14±0.180.06±0.16
  • ACQ5 at baseline and after 6 weeks of treatment and symptom score (according to the electronic diary, averaged for the period of 6 weeks) during days with and without exercise.

  • *Asthma symptoms associated with exercise are calculated on days when exercise was performed. Asthma symptoms not associated with exercise indicate days with any symptom not related to exercise during the whole period of 6 weeks. Cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, mucus and breathlessness are indicated on a scale from 0 to 4, where 0 relates to no symptoms and 4 to maximal symptoms. Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • ACQ5, Asthma Control Questionnaire 5.