Table 2

Risk classifier

Outcome risk classifier*Lesion outcome
Cancer (in situ)Cancer freeTotal
Low risk 32427Prediction accuracy: 92% (95% CI 77% to 98%)
High risk 9 9Sensitivity: 75% (95% CI 46% to 92%)
Total122436Specificity: 100% (95% CI 84% to 100%)
  • *Risk was predicted by using the previously defined model based on copy number aberrations (CNAs) at 3p26.3-p11.1, 3q26.2-29 and 6p25.3–24.3.12 When the predicted probability is larger than 0.5, classification of the sample is ‘high risk’ for endobronchial cancer (in situ). Prediction accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of the CNA classifier for endobronchial cancer (in situ) were calculated in this series.