Table 2

Hypoxic exercise test

BaselineAfter 30 minAfter exercisep Value
FEV1 (% pred)100.3±15.3104.2±15.3†99.7±15.0††0.05
FeNO (ppb)13.0–19.0–27.311.1–17.5–22.00.03
  • FEV1% predicted was measured at baseline, after 30 min at rest and after a maximal incremental exercise protocol under hypoxic conditions (fractional inspired oxygen 11%). FeNO, serum α1-AT, serum C3 and serum hs-CRP were measured at baseline and after exercise.

  • Patients (n=17) were asked to run on a treadmill starting at 6 km/h for 10 min followed by an increase of 1 km/h each 3 min until exhaustion. Paired t test (FEV1% predicted, α1-AT and C3) or Wilcoxon signed rank test (FeNO and hs-CRP) were used to compare paired data before and after the test.

  • p Values represent comparison of measurements after exercise compared with baseline: †p=0.48; ††p=0.04.

  • α1-AT, α1-antitrypsin; C3, complement factor 3; FeNO, fractional exhaled nitric oxide; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; hs-CRP, high sensitive-C reactive protein.