Table 4

Intake of study drugs throughout the study

Placebo once daily and budesonide+formoterol on demand
Regular placebo once daily+terbutaline on demand
Regular budesonide once daily+terbutaline on demand
Budesonide, metered dose 400 μg/inhalation (μg/day)00393±12
Budesonide, metered dose 200 μg/inhalation (μg/day)163±8000
Terbutaline (μg/day)0372±216309±266
Formoterol (μg/day)3.7±2.300
Maintenance, number of inhalations/day0.96±0.100.99±0.030.98±0.03
Medication prior to exercise, number of inhalations/day0.74±0.460.78±0.460.63±0.19
Medication for symptom relief, number of inhalations/day0.07±0.090.15±0.240.14±0.55
  • The dose of budesonide is calculated as the metered dose which is 400 μg/inhalation in the group who inhaled budesonide on a regular basis and 200 μg/inhalation in the group who inhaled the combination of budesonide and formoterol as needed. ‘On demand’ medication before exercise was inhaled four to five times per week whereas ‘on demand’ medication on days without exercise was taken once per week or per second week. Data are presented as mean±SD.