Table 3

Between-group comparisons of responses to supplemental oxygen

 MD (Δ at 20 min)*95% CIMain effect: groupInteraction: time by group
Raw p valueAdj. p valueRaw p valueAdj. p value
PavCO2 (kPa)0.310.13 to 0.49<0.0010.010<0.0010.014
pH−0.014−0.023 to −0.005<0.0010.0110.0010.019
VE (L/min)−0.8−1.3 to −0.380.0450.5850.0510.612
VD/VT (ratio)0.01−0.03 to 0.010.0850.8500.128>0.999
  • Adj. p value: significance level from general linear model analysis, OHS versus controls, after Holm's Bonferroni correction.

  • *MD: mean difference (OHS–control) for Δ values at 20 min.

  • OHS, obesity hypoventilation syndrome; PavCO2, arterialised-venous carbon dioxide; VD/VT, physiological dead space to tidal volume ratio; VDphys, physiological dead space; VE, minute ventilation.