Table 4

Summary of previous prevalence studies of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia

Year of studyYear of estimateAuthorsStudy setting and methodologyStudy sizePrevalence rate (per 10 000)Prevalence rate
20132010Donaldson et al (present study)UK primary care database3651.061/9400
20132005–2010Grosse et al20US health insurance database12030.31/33 000
20031998Westermann et al15Screening extended pedigree of previously identified cases in Antilles, The Netherlands1127.511/1300
20022002Dakeishi et al14Screening extended pedigree of cases referred to tertiary centre in Akita prefecture, northern Japan231.251/8000
19991995Kjeldsen et al6Regional patient database, Fyne county, Denmark731.561/6400
19951994Guttmacher et al33Postal questionnaire of identified cases in Vermont, USA340.611/16 400
19921991Jessurun and Nossent34Study of cases hospitalised to one centre in Leeward Islands, Antilles, The Netherlands321.941/5200
19921990Porteous et al13Postal questionnaire study of cases in Newcastle, ‘Northern Region’, UK790.251/40 000
19891989Bideau et al29Postal questionnaire study of cases identified by physicians in France (52 departments)4061.201/8300
19841983Plauchu and Bideau31Postal questionnaire study of cases identified by physicians in Ain department, France1504.251/2400