Abstract P78 Table 1.

Results of the Asthma and COPD Reviews

Exacerbations in previous 12 monthsOral antibiotics and/or oral steroids per patient2.2 per patient3.1 per patient
Number of A&E attendances (n)1433
Number of hospital admissions (n)531
Inhaler techniqueGood technique (n)21% (11)42% (13)
Moderate technique 19% (10)29% (9)
Poor technique60% (31)29% (9)
Beclomethasone dipropionate equivalencepre review1656.6mcgNA
post review1000.0mcgNA
Smoking history (n)Current26.4% (14)29.0% (9)
Agreed to stop following review78.6% (11)77.8% (7)
Ex smoker17.0% (9)71.0% (22)
Mean pack year history29.437.4
Adherence to medicines in previous 12 months (mean)Maintenance ICS/LABA or ICS6.4 inhalers10.3 inhalers
LAMANA10.8 inhalers
Reliever inhaler8.3 inhalers8.7 inhalers
On correct therapy based on symptoms, diagnosis and disease severity (n)26.9% (14)45.2% (14)
If not on correct therapy, intervention made (n)Step down59.6% (31)NA
Stopping a part of treatment3.8% (2)25.8% (8)
Querying the correct diagnosis5.8% (3)22.6% (7)
Change drug classNA9.7% (3)
FEV1 % of predicted meanNA52.2%
ACT score mean16.9
CAT score mean21.5