Table 1

Summary of compliance with key audit standards

Audit standardCompliance at case level (%)Absolute case numbersMedian by hospital (%)IQR by hospital (%)Median by country (%)IQR by country (%)
Spirometry result available at admission59.49513/16 01863.143.4–83.364.749.3–69.9
Arterial Blood Gas performed at admission82.413 191/16 01891.578.4–98.788.181.9–93.5
Chest radiograph performed at admission98.615 790/16 01810098.6–10099.098.0–99.4
Controlled oxygen therapy used84.913 602/16 01889.776.9–97.985.779.8–88.5
Short-acting bronchodilator use91.114 594/16 01895.989.1–10091.480.3–94.7
Non-use of intravenous methylxanthines85.713 742/16 01896.883.3–96.79.954.7–97.4
Systemic corticosteroids given82.313 187/16 01887.977.3–95.076.962.7–88.3
Antibiotics given if sputum purulence or IMV90.58457/934793.585.7–10089.586.3–93.6
NIV given if pH <7.35 and PaCO2 >6 kPa51.01133/222258.640–77.847.040.9–66.6
IMV given if pH <7.25 and PaCO2 >8 kpa15.473/47350.033.3–10031.622.2–44.4
Fulfilled all 10 recommendations15.32444/16 01816.69.09––17.8
  • IMV, invasive mechanical ventilation; NIV, non-invasive ventilation.