Table 5

Lung function by exposure among 133 jewellery production workers and 54 referents

 FVCFVC (% predicted)FEV1FEV1 (% predicted)FEV1/FVC
Referent vs total exposed
 Referent (n=54)3.49±0.2992.7±4.63.04±0.2492.2±2.80.87±0.03
 Total exposed (n=133)2.89±0.2983.9±5.92.40±0.2781.8±5.90.83±0.06
Within exposure subcategories
 Melting (n=32)3.00±0.2586.1±6.62.61±0.2185.6±5.50.87±0.07
 Fabricating (n=61)2.99±0.2284.9±4.22.47±0.2082.4±4.50.83±0.05
 Polishing/buffing (n=40)2.64±0.2780.5±6.52.12±0.1877.6±5.70.81±0.06
  • Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • FVC, forced vital capacity in litres; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s in litres.

  • Referent vs exposed group differences p<0.01 for all lung function variables shown. Polishing vs melting and polishing vs fabricating differences in all lung function variables p<0.01. Melting vs fabricating differences in FEV1 and FEV1/FVC, p<0.01 and FEV1% predicted, p<0.05; differences in FVC and FVC% predicted were not significant between the melting and fabricating groups.