Nature of programmeContinuing cycle of sessions, with patients joining when there is a space and leaving after completing a programme of sessionsAll patients start and finish the programme at the same time
Waiting list▸ May enter the programme when a space occurs (eg, from a dropout) so may curtail waiting list and could be more efficient
▸ Permits a fast-track facility for entry of post-rehabilitation subjects
▸ Potentially allows better capacity
As an accumulative number of patients wait to start a cohort programme, the waiting list is distorted
Rehabilitation delivered at different locations by same teamNot suitable
This is only suitable if the programme always runs at the same venue
Education programmeThe order of educational talks for the individual is governed by the point of entryCan ‘flow’ in a logical order
Group dynamicsA new patient may be the sole new participant which may potentially be beneficial or a challengePatients all start together; permits group learning of lifestyle challenges
AssessmentsRequires the ability to perform pre and post assessments in parallel to the courseDedicated assessment slots can be programmed for all subjects pre and post rehabilitation
Duration of programmePermits opportunity for early graduation to the gym and/or lengthening programme if requiredFixed length for each programme