Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the subjects

Placebo (n=22)DRCFI (n=20)
Age (years)*59.5 (13.2)70 (5.6)
Female—number (%)13 (59.1)10 (50)
FEV1 (l)1.47 (0.73)1.57 (0.77)
FEV1 per cent predicted (%)53.1 (22.7)60.7 (24.1)
Sputum Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterial density (log10 CFU/g)5.9 (2.7)6.5 (2.3)
Other sputum organisms present in >1 subject†Klebsiella spp.
Ochrobactrum anthropi
Klebsiella spp.
 Ischaemic heart disease910
 Diabetes mellitus20
 Cerebrovascular disease10
 Maintenance oral macrolides45
 Inhaled corticosteroids46
 Combination inhalers (ICS/LABA)911
 Inhaled LABA22
 Inhaled SABA1310
 Inhaled LA anticholinergic57
 Inhaled SA anticholinergic41
 Inhaled mannitol22
Prior smokers—n01
  • Values are mean (SD) except where otherwise indicated.

  • *p<0.01 for the comparison between groups for age; there were no significant differences between groups for other variables.

  • †n=2 for each of these organisms.

  • CFU, colony forming unit; DRCFI, dual release ciprofloxacin for inhalation, FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; ICS, inhaled corticosteroids, LA, long-acting; LABA, long-acting β-agonists, SA, short-acting; SABA, short-acting β-agonists.