Table 1

Characteristics of patients and outcomes of pleurodesis

Overall (n=165)Surgical pleurodesis (n=78)Bedside pleurodesis (n=87)p Value
Pleurodesis outcome
 Complete success29.7%28.2%31.0%p=0.82
 Partial success38.8%39.7%37.9%p=0.94
 Mean (SD) age69.9 (10.5)67.1 (10.4)72.3 (10.5)p=0.001
Survival in days (diagnosis to death)443 (197–743)410 (186–753)455 (197–743)p=0.52
Days from diagnosis to pleurodesis17 (0.0–63.0)0.0 0.0–29.5)54.0 (9.0–121.0)p<0.001
Hospital admissions (episodes)6.0 (2.0–9.0)5.0 (2.0–9.0)6.0 (2.5–9.0)p=0.51
Hospital admissions (total days from diagnosis)20.0 (12.0–31.0)19.0 (12.0–28.0)23.0 (13.0–35.0)p=0.36
Hospital admissions (total days expressed as % of remaining lifespan spent)5.1% (2.1–10.9%)4.9% (2.1–12.1%)5.1% (2.1–10.3%)p=0.96
  • *Patients with no histological subtypes defined (usually diagnosed by pleural fluid cytology).