Table 1

Sex of patients, proportion not microscopically verified and histological subtypes

Number of patients¶122339805160589445524626 243
% Men62.252.953.659.152.360.1
% Without microscopic verification**14.418.213.510.15.226.0
Histological subtype as % of microscopically verified tumours (ICD-O-3 code)
 Adenocarcinoma (8140-8576)35.641.035.436.544.825.2
 Squamous cell (8050-8084)20.020.922.122.621.827.6
 Large cell (8012-8035, 8046)26.720.014.817.215.623.3
 Small cell (8040-8045)12.914.417.118.013.616.7
  • *Australia: New South Wales.

  • †Canada: Alberta and Manitoba.

  • ‡Sweden: Uppsala-Örebro and Stockholm-Gotland health regions.

  • §UK (TNM analysis): West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit and the Eastern Cancer Registry and Information Centre in England and Northern Ireland; UK (SEER analysis): Northern Ireland.

  • ¶This table refers to patients included in the TNM analyses for Canada, Denmark, Sweden and the UK, and to the patients included in SEER analyses for Australia and Norway.

  • **Includes patients with morphological verification but missing morphology (ICD-O-3 code 9990 and above).

  • ††Carcinomas (8010-8011), basal cell (8090-8110), transitional cell (812-813), sarcomas (8800-8921), other, Not Otherwise Specified (8000-8005, 8580-8790, 8930-9989).